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Is it possible to use 64GB RAM with RYZEN 7 2700x

Question asked by franklink on Sep 5, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 15, 2019 by hardcoregames™


I am new in this forum.

My system is:

1. Mainboard: MSI Gaming PRO 470x
2. graphic card: MSI NVIDIA GT1060
3. CPU: RYZEN 7 2700x
3. HDD: 1x
4. SDD: 1x
5. Netzteil: BE-QUIT Power 10 / 700 Watt
6. Speicher: 2 x 16GB G.Skill RipJaws V blackDDR4-3200 DIMM CL16
7. last BIOS Version for mainboard is in use


Now i will update the system to 64GB RAM. If i do this, the system doesn't start.

The CPU fan are running, graphic card fans are running but no reaction from system.


Can anyone help?


Best regards