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    Is it possible to use 64GB RAM with RYZEN 7 2700x



      I am new in this forum.

      My system is:

      1. Mainboard: MSI Gaming PRO 470x
      2. graphic card: MSI NVIDIA GT1060
      3. CPU: RYZEN 7 2700x
      3. HDD: 1x
      4. SDD: 1x
      5. Netzteil: BE-QUIT Power 10 / 700 Watt
      6. Speicher: 2 x 16GB G.Skill RipJaws V blackDDR4-3200 DIMM CL16
      7. last BIOS Version for mainboard is in use


      Now i will update the system to 64GB RAM. If i do this, the system doesn't start.

      The CPU fan are running, graphic card fans are running but no reaction from system.


      Can anyone help?


      Best regards


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          yes should be possible but you need to refer to your board manual.


          Not sure about MSI but some boards will only run with ddr4-2400 for 64GB configuration ( aka 4*16GB ).


          While I don't think this is the problem in this case , you should consider updating your PSU sometimes



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              franklink, your MB does support 4x16GB memory.  I assume you have an old kit of 2x16GB and a new kit of 2x16GB.  Be sure to keep the kits together and identified.  I assume the old kit works.  Try the old kit in the other two slots.  Try the new kit in the original pair of slots and then the other pair.  If all these work it may be low power as abucodonosor said.  If any on the memory test fails, then start testing one stick at a time in each of the four slots to isolate the problem to a slot or a stick.  Please let us hear.  You board supports a speaker/buzzer in socket JFP2.  I suggest to get a speaker (USD or 2), so you can hear beep codes, which may help.  Enjoy, John

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              Make sure your RAM Memory, all four are identical and listed in the QVL motherboard list for RAM MEMORY for Ryzen 2xxx CPU/apus.


              Try using your BIOS in Default and see if it boots - (Clearing CMOS ).


              What trouble LED are lit up? CPU? MEMORY ? also any Motherboard Troube codes if applicable?


              If your computer boots up with 32 gbytes of 2 x 16 RAM Memory but not with 64 gbytes 4 x 16 RAM Memory, it COULD indicate an incompatibility issue with the four RAMs installed.


              Or you have a bad RAM MEMORY Module or DIMM Slot.