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Ryzen 2200g bad Resolution

Question asked by admirallabrador on Sep 6, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 14, 2018 by balaizeben

Hello folks, first of all my english isnt the best but i hope you understand my problem.


I brought my first real PC with my own hardware. The components are:

Ryzen 2200g

Msi b350m pro vdh

A 8gb ram:)

1 hdd 1 ssd

Bios Version E7A38ams.a80

No Graphiccard because of the apu of the ryzen..


Now I installed windows10 so oright bios but my screen resolution wasnt real 1080p. it was something like 680ish p.I thought its just because of the microsoft graphic drivers so I installed the right ryzen drivers from the amd homepage but now I wasnt able to Change the resolutions anymore. It says 1920x1080p and is grayed out but isnt 1080p. I used different Hdmi cables so i tried a vga cable. But the screen was black even tho windows recognize the Monitor.


I am using a 32" Samsung LE32D550 . My old pc worked with the Tv