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    After the installation of R9 380 driver sounds are screechy


      Graphics Card: Radeon R9 380

      Desktop PC

      OS: Windows 10 Pro 64bit

      Driver: The one the amd software installs : 18.8.2

      Ram: 12 GB HyperX

      Power : Xigmatek Tauro 600W Bronze

      Bios: Award Modular Bios V6.00PG

      Intel Core I7-2600 Cpu 3.40GHz






      I was having problems with atikmpag.sys files and i couldn't solve it. Then i reinstalled my windows 10. After the installation my R9 380 was " Basic Windows display " stuff. I mean it didn't see it as R9 380 and everything was fine. Videos from YouTube are normal. Then i installed the drivers from AMD software. Everything was good.


      After that installation videos both from YouTube and in my computer were laggy. Like you were watching them in 0.75 speed with screechy sizzling sound. In game sound were same and even on the games that my graphics card should easily be running, games were lagging at the same time sounds are sizzling. (Those games weren't lagging before all those problems)


      Think old radio chatters. Like that.

      I tried to launch all these videos from my Intel onboard graphics card and everything was fine. But that driver of R9 380 destroys everything. I want to play my games like in the old times.

      What do i do?



      Edit: If i can't solve the problem i think im gonna put my old HD4800 card in use

      Edit 2: It was still working with that sizzling sounds up to now (04/09/2018 ((DD/MM/YYYY)) 21:15 GMT+3) it just freezes and crashes and (due to my bios settings set to : Enable if no PEG) its switching to onboard if i dont reset manually by button.