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Anti-Aliasing for train simulator 2018 (MSI AMD R9 380 4GB Twin Frozr)

Question asked by imcanadian on Sep 5, 2018

I, myself have no idea about the graphic settings with MSI AMD R9 380 4GB twin frozr gaming graphic card on my desktop.  Anyway I have searched online with Google to look for about the graphic card settings for this AMD graphic card. I see that with Anti-Aliasing part and they recommended with one in bold face. Look below:









The information online tell that they recommend with Anti-Aliasing FXAA+2x1SSAA. I personally don't have any idea about what is the preference to setup in Anti-Aliasing. Right now I have my setup with Anti-Aliasing in FXAA. I know I have to play around to see which part is better for the program of Train Simulator 2018 with MSI AMD R9 380 4GB graphic card.


Any idea about the comparison between 5 parts starting with FXAA and end with FXAA+2x2SSAA. Would like to know which is better with Anti-Aliasing part before I try to setup the graphic settings on my AMD graphic card for this game.