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trouble with new drivers /Ryzen + RX580

Question asked by dabby on Sep 4, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 15, 2018 by dabby

Hello there

first sorry for maybe bad english :/

i was busy this day building up my new system as upgrade from i7 4790k


Ryzen 2700x

Taichi x470

16 GB 3600C16D-16GTZKW

MSi RX580 8GB tripple Monitor setup

850Evo 1 Tb


i had two problems after setup:

i could not shutdown / reboot the system. Windows went off, cound not be pinged but the PC was still powerded (leds on fans spin) had always hold powerbutton to switch of.

try disable fast boot, some powerstate stettings in bios.

had verry bad desktop performance. mouse lagging.slow windows opening.  benchmarks was fine. just bad 'feeling' on desktop.


i had deinstalled almost all intel stuff got bosupdate got amd chipset  18.10.0813  and GPU driver 18.8.2 (was on 18.3.3)

but it dont help. nothing better.


i grab a spare drive and installed Win10pro from scratch cause i guessed some trouble with the old intel drivers. again with amd chipset  18.10.0813  and GPU driver 18.8.2. but still no luck

got DDU and uninstaled the GPU drivers. Reboot / Shutdown works now o.O


i let windows update get drivers this time and now sitting on 17.1.1 witch works fine on the desktop.


this works on my old ssd too (the old ssd wich was in the intel system, DDU the driver and got 17.1.1)  works fine on the desktop and some games.


any hints? is there a driver only for the RX 580? No Crimson no bloat just a driver to try?

any other hints?


thank you