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    Is it possible to tell if a cpu is retail or oem ?


      Hi all,


      Is it possible to check if a CPU is oem or retail ?


      I talked with a guy who is selling his 2700x and he said it's retail, but he doesn't have an invoice or the prism fan. He seems adamant about it being retail, but I'm a bit paranoid.

      I know intel has an oem check form available where you plop some info, but I'm not sure about how I check on AMDs site, or even if that's possible.


      Would anyone have any ideas on how I can verify if it's retail ?

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          If you can get the CPU's part number, you can check here...


          Be paranoid!  when buying a used part from someone, remember you will not get any kind of a warranty with it if it is bad.

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            Look at the part number printed on the CPU itself. If it ends in BOX, it's a retail version, anything else is OEM.

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              Yes it is possible to determine if a CPU is retail or OEM from the CPU's serial number (SN). Unfortunately, the SN does not explicitly encode the information. The SN has to be looked up in AMD's database. If you have the SN of your proposed purchase, then I can look it up. The SN is the third line of text below the RYZEN logo on the CPU.


              Note that the part number (PN) that is printed on the CPU, such as YD270XBGM88AF, is the same for retail and OEM. Ordering part numbers (OPN) that end in BOX, such as YD270XBGAFBOX, are printed on the box and are used by retailers to order the retail boxes.

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                Thanks for the input guys. I put in a support ticket with AMD and they responded with -

                I understand that you want to verify the serial number of Ryzen 2700x CPU.
                Please to be informed that there is no such kind of option for you, if you provide me the serial number I will verify and confirm.
                Thanks for contacting AMD.

                Exactly the same as neon mentioned.

                I ended up NOT going with the original seller. After talking with him some more, he declined to share the CPU SKU/Part #, saying he would only share that information in person... He also photoshoped the images he posted of the cpu, removing all identification. Way too sketchy for me.

                I went with another seller who I just met and he gave me an invoice and an unopened box. I verified the labels, serials, sku/part #, and QR codes (CPU and Label). I did end up paying more, but I got some piece of mind to go along with the purchase.