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    Acer Aspire A315-41G-R4BW - Windows Update 1803 Issue


      Good day,


      A few days ago, I recommended this Ryzen 5 2500U Vega8 laptop to a friend. A now he brought it to me. He said he already had the unit replaced from the store because he was experiencing some issues with Windows 10 and it's feature update to 1803.


      I created an account here hoping that somebody might have the same issue and possibly get some insight about it. I can confirm that upgrading to 1803 from 1709 crashes. Either via Windows Update or the installer using Windows setup. I even checked the memory upgrade for errors but it came back clean. Already updated the BIOS to the latest, still the same. I'm currently running a DISM cleanup to see if it would solve anything.


      If this was a Windows 10 Pro, I would have delayed the feature update by 365 days. Unfortunately, the Home SL version doesn't have this feature. I was hoping that somebody here could help me or give me some info. This unit is new, manufactured July 2018, so I'm a little worried about issues like this.


      I would greatly appreciate any information anybody could give me. Thank you very much!

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          UPDATE: Was able to upgrade the OS from 1709 to 1803 by a doing a clean install but there are still crashes and stability issues. I'm beginning to suspect memory compatibility as the unit was upgraded with a 2nd module of A-Data 8GB DDR4-2400 which uses Nanya chips. While the Original 4.0GB memory module was an SK Hynix.


          The BIOS has been updated to the latest available from Acer. This feels like the issue I was having when I first built my Ryzen 2400G using an ASrock board. I was able to solve that by switching to an Asus Prime board. But since this is a laptop , not much can be done. Even when the drivers are installed properly, system crashes. Running a synthetic benchmark results in a BSOD.


          With all the problems I've been reading with Ryzen Mobile, I'm beginning to think it's not ready yet. If an veteran like me can have problems like me, what more those who just wants to buy a laptop and expect it to work out of the box without issues.


          I really thought this was just a Windows 10 update issue but it's pretty clear now. It may have been a serious error in judgment on my part that I recommended a Ryzen based laptop to a client. This is really frustrating to say the least.


          I don't suppose Ryzen Master would work on Ryzen Mobile? I could probably change some memory settings since laptops don't offer much settings to meddle with from within the Bios.