FYI: WHYSOSLOW diagnostic software by creators of WHO CRASHED

Discussion created by elstaci on Sep 2, 2018
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Found this neat diagnostic program from the creators of  WHO CRASHED that analyzes your computer system and lets you be aware where you may have issues with your hardware or Windows OS in a nutshell. It also has several TOOLS to use for specific troubleshooting. It is free to download and use. Can get it from here: Resplendence Software - WhySoSlow


WhySoSlow finds out why your system is running slow, the serious way.

Latest version: v 1.50

WhySoSlow does a serious effort at analyzing your system to find out why it's running slow.

Instead of focusing on a limited set of possible factors that may slow down your computer, this software takes a holistic approach to analyzing the responsiveness and performance of a system. It's intended as a one-stop solution for checking all perfomance health factors of a system.

The software monitors and analyzes your CPU temperature and clock speed, running processes, memory usage, page file usage, disk fragmentation, power settings, kernel and application responsiveness, behavior of BIOS and drivers and several other factors that may have influence on the performance and responsiveness of your system.

Upon request, the software will perform a thorough analysis and provide you with a detailed report that includes suggestions on how to improve your systems performance and responsivenss.