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Severe fps drop on R9 270x

Question asked by blitz7878 on Sep 1, 2018

Hello all
I have an R9 270x, I've had it for some time and it's served me well, but it wasn't until I got attacked by a bitcoin mining virus that my gpu started dying. I had it repaired a couple of times by a specialist, but it's recently been going through hiccups. Here are the details of my situation:
As soon as I launch any graphics intensive game, my gpu runs efficiently at 1070 mhz over 1400 mhz, both fans spin efficiently, giving me a smooth 60 fps experience. 30 or so seconds later, both fans stop spinning suddenly and MSI afterburner shows the gpu is suddenly running at 450 over 1400. The fps has dropped to 27, and visually it looks like the graphics quality has dropped from medium to very low.

I'm using Crimson relive 17.7.1, an up to date bios version (so no need to flash), and up to date drivers (


Here are the fixes that I've tried based on other thread responses here:
I've tried restarting drivers via both Radeonmod and the device manager, both grant me an additional 30 seconds of max efficiency before crashing again.
I've tried rolling back drivers, changing the crimson relive version
I've tried dusting and reseating the gpu
I've downloaded malware bytes and rogue killer to make sure there is no viral tampering of my gpu.
I've tried reapplying thermal paste
I've tried both undervolting and overclocking via Msi Afterburner, but after the crash happens the gpu stops responding to any form of manipulation via Afterburner.
I've tried hitting up the registry editor to delete the "PP_CNEscapeInput" but it wasn't in the registry.
I am not using Wattman Controls.

Please let me know if there are any steps left before I trash the gpu. Thanks in advance