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AMD ryzen stuck at 1550 MHZ after bios update

Question asked by linax3 on Sep 3, 2018

im so desperated... My AMD Ryzen 5 was working before I installed windows new - now he stuck 1550 mhz. I read a lot about the problems, did a BIOS update and it doesnt work. I unparked all cpus = nothing happend.. I feel so bad, i sat 10 hours to fix it yesterday and now I'm done. Can someone help me please? #

One time it worked - i took the Batterie out of the Mainboad and it was working, than i restarted the pc and than the same sh** again. So i cant find a fix for it.. Can someone help me please..?


I thought to downgrade my bios but i dont know how and which version i should take... i alrdy set it to default settings nothing happend and when i tryd to install a older bios version through the USB stick the bios told me - its not proper...

My specs :
GPU : Nvidia gtx 1070TI
Mainboard : asus prime b350-plus

Please help me.. Thank you