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AMD Ryzen stuck at 1550 MhZ after new windows installation

Question asked by linax3 on Sep 3, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 4, 2018 by linax3

im so desperated... My AMD Ryzen 5 was working before I installed windows new - now he stuck 1550 mhz. I read a lot about the problems, did a BIOS update and it doesnt work. I unparked all cpus = nothing happend.. I feel so bad, i sat 10 hours to fix it yesterday and now I'm done. Can someone help me please? #



One time it worked - i took the Batterie out of the Mainboad and it was working, than i restarted the pc and than the same sh** again. So i cant find a fix for it.. Can someone help me please..?



I thought to downgrade my bios but i dont know how and which version i should take... i alrdy set it to default settings nothing happend and when i tryd to install a older bios version through the USB stick the bios told me - its not proper...



My specs :
GPU : Nvidia gtx 1070TI
Mainboard : asus prime b350-plus



Please help me.. Thank you