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    hd 7400m not working


      hi all

      the two GPU intel hd 3000 and amd hd 7400m stop working

      both show (Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43))




      i tired with amd auto detect

      reinstall new windows same problem

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          Here is some general info to get you started.

          Error Code 43 is a windows error code, you can search tenforums.com or support.microsoft.com for fixes.

          Because you already reinstalled window, the default video drivers provided by windows is installed or you would not get any display.

          Now fully update window. Then install the current video drivers for your laptop.

          Laptop graphics update...How to

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            The graphic card might have cracked solder balls underneath the GPU (caused by temperature changes which expand and contract the solder balls which create microscopic cracks)

            You could try maybe removing the hd 7400m from the computer and then seeing if the Intel HD graphics start working. (One faulty card could be causing the Intel graphics to fail as well)

            Another part to check is your power supply, the incorrect voltage could be supplied to your mobo.

            If the it purely a driver problem, your best bet is to download the correct driver for that card and install it from device manager and not from the .exe file.