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    Bought an Asus Prime x470-pro and paired it with a new Ryzen 7 2700x. I'm unable to get the system to POST.


      When I power the system, only the Mobo's LED's turn on, but nothing else boots or spins (this was all outside of a case since I had not received it yet). I contacted Asus support before doing an RMA, since I believed the Mobo was DOA, but I was told by the rep that I needed to flash my mobo in order to update the BIOS version since the CPU and mobo weren't compatible. I believed the x470 was compatible with 2nd gen CPU's out of the box? Now I need a 1st gen to flash the mobo, but I don't have a 1st gen AMD CPU available to me, and also don't know how to flash a mobo myself sadly. Any advice or confirmation about the compatibility?

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          Open an AMD RMA REQUEST from here (AMD Warranty Request Form ) to receive a AMD BOOT KIT. The boot kit supplies you with a  Ryzen 1xxx series APU so that you will be able to enter BIOS and flash it with the correct version of BIOS you need to make your new CPU work on your motherboard. Then you would need to return the APU back to AMD.


          Some of the newer high end Motherboards you are able to update the BIOS without entering BIOS itself. You install a USB Flash with the correct BIOS and the motherboard than automatically opens the BIOS flashing program to flash the new BIOS or Flashes the new BIOS automatically.


          Need to Contact Asus to find out if your motherboard has this feature. Otherwise you will need to order a AMD BOOT KIT to flash your BIOS.


          Note: does the Motherboard box indicate that it is compatible with Ryzen 2xxx series CPUs?

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            Went to Asus Support to check which version of BIOS you need for the Ryzen 2700x and I noticed the BIOS version 0222 is the same for all the CPU/APUs. If this is true, then your Motherboard should be compatible with your Ryzen 2700x from the box as you mentioned. PRIME X470-PRO CPU / Memory Support | Motherboards | ASUS USA


            Ryzen 3 1200(3.1GHz,65W,L3:8M,4C,rev:B1)ALL0222GO
            Ryzen 3 1300X(3.5GHz,65W,L3:8M,4C,rev:B1)ALL0222GO
            Ryzen 3 2200G (3.5GHz, 65W, L3: 4M, 4C)ALL0222GO
            Ryzen 3 2200GE (3.5GHz, 45 ~ 65W, L3: 6M, 4C)ALL0222GO
            Ryzen 3 PRO 1200(3.1GHz,65W,L3:8M,4C,rev:B1)ALL0222GO
            Ryzen 3 PRO 1300(3.4GHz,65W,L3:8M,4C,rev:B1)ALL0222GO
            Ryzen 5 1400(3.2GHz,4C,L3:8M,65W,rev:B1)ALL0222GO
            Ryzen 5 1500X(3.5GHz,65W,L3:16M,4C,rev:B1)ALL0222GO
            Ryzen 5 1600(3.2GHz,6C,L3:16M,65W,rev:B1)ALL0222GO
            Ryzen 5 1600X(3.5GHz,95W,L3:16M,6C,rev:B1)ALL0222GO
            Ryzen 5 2400G (3.6GHz, 45 ~ 65W, L3: 4M, 4C)ALL0222GO
            Ryzen 5 2400GE (3.2GHz, 35W, L3: 4M, 4C)ALL0222GO
            Ryzen 5 2600(3.4GHz,6C,L3:16M,65W,B2)ALL0222GO
            Ryzen 5 2600X(3.6GHz,6C,L3:16M,95W,B2)ALL0222GO
            Ryzen 5 PRO 1500(3.5GHz,65W,L3:16M,4C,rev:B1)ALL0222GO
            Ryzen 5 PRO 1600(3.2GHz,65W,L3:16M,6C,rev:B1)ALL0222GO
            Ryzen 7 1700(3.0GHz,8C,L3:16M,65W)ALL0222GO
            Ryzen 7 1700X(3.4GHz,8C,L3:16M,95W)ALL0222GO
            Ryzen 7 1800X(3.6GHz,8C,L3:16M,95W)ALL0222GO
            Ryzen 7 2700(3.2GHz,8C,L3:16M,65W,B2)ALL0222GO
            Ryzen 7 2700X(3.7GHz,8C,L3:16M,105W)ALL0222GO


            The latest BIOS for your motherboard is this one: PRIME X470-PRO Driver & Tools | Motherboards | ASUS USA


            Version 40182018/07/208.16 MBytes

            PRIME X470-PRO BIOS 4018
            Improve system performance

            The Original BIOS is this one:

            Version 02222018/03/098.12 MBytes

            PRIME X470-PRO BIOS 0222
            first release BIOS

            I would contact Asus Support again and let them know that according to their own CPU supported sheet, The Ryzen 2700x should be compatible with the original BIOS of the Motherboard which is version 0222.

            What Trouble LEDs are lit when you power up the Motherboard?  Does the CPU LED light up?  Do you have the correct RAM MEMORY installed when you power up? Does the Motherboard indicate any Trouble Codes when powered up? Does the CPU Fan turn on when you power up?

            DId you install all the Motherboard's Drivers from your Driver DVD that came with the Motherboard?

            Do you have all the Motherboard's CPU Power cables connected to the Motherboard? https://dlcdnets.asus.com/pub/ASUS/mb/SocketAM4/PRIME_X470-PRO/E13883_PRIME__X470-PRO_UM_WEB.pdf?_ga=2.91666330.12546277…

            According to your Manual if the 8 Pin EATx12 is not plugged in your computer won't boot:


            Do you hear more than one Beep when you power up:


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