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No Mans Sky OpenGL

Question asked by snipie on Aug 30, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2019 by auerx

So I decided to get No Mans Sky after NEXT and as much fun as the game is, the performance is the worst I have ever seen at any resolution or quality setting.  I have gone through ALL the guides to help performance and nothing results in any improvement.  After researching it more I have found that mostly ALL the people with AMD cards have this issue, some are as bad ad mine and others are better.  I have tested this on 2 systems with AMD cards and both run like a pile of crap. 


My main system is as follows

Intel i7 970 3.5ghz

12gb DDR3 triple channel 1600mhz ram

Samsung SSD

Windows 7 64bit


and the other system

Intel i7 920 2.66ghz

12gb ddr3 triple channel 1333mhz ram


Windows 7 64bit


I can get an average of 30fps on any setting but it will drop to 9fps and go as high as 50 (super rare but mostly in space)


I notice my GPU usage NEVER goes over 50% really and this results in the poor performance, I even noticed that when I get the huge drops my usage goes to 15%.  CPU never works hard and stays about 20 - 25% usage so its not a bottleneck.  It appears to be a driver issue, but alot of people say that game uses an Nvidia OpenGL profile which hurts AMD users.  I would like to know from AMD their thoughts on this issue.  The steam forums are filled with AMD users of various configs from high end to low end all experiencing this.