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Some questions and strange behaviour of 2990wx

Question asked by mrakar on Aug 30, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 1, 2018 by evana112

I have been testing 2990wx and 2950x for last couple of weeks and I have some questions:


  • I have noticed that Ryzen Master 1.3 does not work if virtualizaion is turned on, is this normal/expected behaviour?
  • I also noticed that for some of my loads, machine runs faster when I have Ryzen Master running (why? what does it do that BIOS can not do it on its own); interestingly, cinebench runs slower, in my workloads difference is roughly 10% of performance - I have done this testing at least 20 times for 10minute workload each and I can repeat that easily


I also have some "arhitectural" questions;

  • in avaliable presentation of 2990wx, it appears that there is one infinity fabric link between each die, and if I read correctly bandwidth of a single link is about 25gb/s?
  • in 2950, two active dies are connected with two IF links so bandwith between the dies in 2950 is double of what we have in 2990wx (50gb/s)? is this correct?
  • numa blocks 0 and 2 are dies connected to the ram, numa blocks 1 and 3 are one without direct RAM access?


p.s. my current setup is msi meg creation (bios v1.1), 2990wx, 32gb ram g-skill 3200, samsung evo nvme 1tb disk, PBO is activated with all default settings, win10ent