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18.x.x driver reporting that the RX570 is a RX580

Question asked by johnnyzee on Aug 30, 2018
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I'm using a Sapphire Nitro+ RX 570 and when I install the latest series (18.x.x) of drivers on my windows 10 system, the Adrenaline software reports that I'm using  a RX 580 which is not correct. The driver (17.1.x) works fine and it reports it properly as a RX570.


In my testing, I have found that when using the 18.x.x driver and it's reporting that it's a RX580, when I plug my MSI 144Hz Freesync monitor with Displayport I get mouse and keyboard lag. Also the the system will not power down, and overall system strangeness.


When I use the 17.1.x driver everything is fine and works properly. To me it seems like a timing issue with the DP because the monitor thinks its a RX580 and not a RX570.


What is needed that the latest drivers to identify the the RX570 as a RX570 and my problems will go away.


Please let me know if you know about this issue or are looking into.




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