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    xfx rx 580


      Upgraded to an RX 580 8gb from an RX 470 4 gb.  I've had no issues with the 480, can play most games on high settings with a good frame rate, no issues.  After installing the 580 I started getting a flashing black screen while gaming.  This would start around after 5 to 10 minutes of gaming.  The screen would go black for a few seconds then come back.  Sometimes it would flash a few times each instance.  Reinstalled the rx 480 and everything is back to normal. Any ideas?

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          Yes, in Radeon Settings / Gaming / Global Settings / Global Wattman / :  Find the power limit slider down below the fan settings. Move it all the way to the right to it's max. Likely 50 on the RX 580. This should help, very common issue on the RX 580's that you need to raise the power ceiling. Most the cards sold are overclocked cards and the drivers are for reference versions so most cards just need a higher ceiling.