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windows 10 laptop screen not working post driver update

Question asked by noraptor on Aug 30, 2018
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When I try to update to latest drivers my laptop screen stops working after the initial boot up.


I need to plug into my LG TV via HDMI to then be able to roll back the drivers.  I can only use ver 15 drivers as all the others want me to update to the latest ones.


Windows 10 Professional (x64) (build 10240)
Install Language: English (United Kingdom)
System Locale: English (United Kingdom)
Installed: 17/08/2015 16:20:03
Boot Mode: Legacy BIOS in UEFI (Secure Boot not supported)
Notebook P375SM
Enclosure Type: Laptop
AMD Radeon(TM) HD8970M [Display adapter] (2x)
Generic PnP Monitor (17.1"vis, January 2011)