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I have a segfault bug on my ryzen 5 1600 help from moderators!!

Question asked by x58 on Aug 29, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 30, 2018 by x58

I didn't know that there was a bug with my ryzen 5 1600, cause till that day that i decided to  Download a very fresh genuine iso from Microsoft and did a image backup, and tested individual amd chipset drivers + audio drivers (EXCEPT NVidia) and everything was perfect,  low latencies interrupt on In depth test latency test
but once I installed any nvidia drivers, it will trigger the SEGMENT-bug.... cause all latencies will scale on cpu interrupts from 0 us to 155, then i noticed that my windows Start menu will get corrupted when searching apps, will not show...


So i decided to turn off SMT+OPCACHE, and finally the In depth test latency shows alll  0.030 to 6 US latency on all cpu processor


I have a ryzen 5 1600 that i bought in may 5 2017.
And A EVGA GTX 1060 acx 3.0 gpu 6gb.


But another issue that i found is that i was playing counter strike 1.6 in a server and i get ban, cause (SPEED-HACK) so its something with this CPU :/
Also i noticed too that now Latency Moon give me more Latency on Nvidia Kernel drivers....  like 1545.9581



is there any options in bios that can help me to fix this Segment fault bug? Cause im from Venezuela here situation is burning!!!! very difficult and now more with that huge salary increase from 5.000.000 bolivares to 180.000.000 more than 3000% our country is passing the 1.000.000 hiper inflation and to do a RMA i think is more expensive than buy a new cpu i think, and i dont have the money to be honest