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    Problem with R9 270X playing games and watching videos youtube


      Good Day.

      Not much time ago I installed this GPU in my PC, but very often watching youtube videos start to be very laggy, also playing games not so demanding games the GPU lower its fps below 60fps (games like Mother Rusia Bleeds, Nom Nom Galaxy). Opening task manager and see the performance show the following:


      In 3D watching videos goes very often to 89% and more, sometimes a black screen appear, after one minute pc goes "normal". I tried oc but sometimes get worse.

      What Can I do to make better performance?



      Cpu:                 Intel I7 3770k

      Motherboard:   MSI Z77 G41

      GPU:                MSI R9 270X

      Ram:               G.Skill 1600 DDR3 2x4gb

      Windows 10 Pro