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Questions Regarding Dual Rank System Memory and Ryzen 2600

Question asked by ryzen9000 on Aug 27, 2018
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a kit of 'Crucial Ballistix Tactical DIMM 16GB DDR4-3000', or similar type, is being considered for purchase. The intended use would be

running the RAM at 2600Mhz with standard CPU Mhz speed, no overclocking, while possibly keeping the option of little overclocking

of the CPU (limit being CPU memory unit strain) at some later time.


Questions i have:


1. At what likeliness will such originally oc-targeted RAM be able to auto-setup by SPD correctly for 2600 Mhz

    operation with the non-overclocked Ryzen 2600/2k?

    How likely will be a need for editing the RAM settings in BIOS manually (no experience here)?


2. I overread claims that that  official Ryzen 2k maximum dual rank RAM speed initially was 2400Mhz, but was increased to 2600Mhz later.

    Maybe this speed was subject to change once more in the meantime.

    Does anyone have information about current maximum achievable stable/official Mhz RAM speeds with dual rank RAM and Ryzen 2k?



In case anyone may ask: Overclocking is not the priority here, but getting most out of standard CPU Mhz. Thus the choice of dual rank instead

of single rank. I am aware, as mentioned above, that dual rank RAM usage limits maximum CPU Mhz.


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