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post_effect_update is not defined

Question asked by alessandrojcm on Aug 26, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2018 by alessandrojcm

Hi there, I've just installed ProRender 1.7 for Blender 2.79b on a Windows 10 x64 bit machine. Right after installation, I've imported a .blend file, set up a sun light and hit render (no materials have been set up); and the following traceback occurs:



This happens with the other plugins disabled.


Now, I see that the traceback complains about the tone mapping. According to the user guide, tone mapping settings should be in the render settings; but I can't find then, I also cannot find

gamma correction:


Already tried reinstalling and repairing ProRender, to no avail.


Looking at the file at the end of the traceback, it seems like `post_effect_update` is indeed undefined. It gets calle on the method `update_tone_mapping`, but it is not defined anywhere, nor is it imported and is neither a property of the class. So it sounds like a bug to me.



Just those two, the variable has not been defined anywhere.