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Flickering squares and crashing games/computer

Question asked by lorduzcjar on Aug 27, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 1, 2018 by lorduzcjar

GPU: Gigabyte R9 390

System: Windows 10 64Bit ver. 1803 build 1734
GPU Driver: 18.5.1 also with 18.8.1 and 18.1.2
Display Devices: Samsung lc27f396fhuxen 1920x1080 60hz HDMI | Samsung SyncMaster 1440x900 T190 75hz DVI-D (playing on 1920x1080)
Motherboard: Msi H81-E33 Bios ver 6.6
CPU: i5-4570s
PSU: Chieftec 600w GPS-600A8




Hello, for about a week i have a problem with Assetto Corsa 1.16.1 and F1 2018 1.04. In Assetto Corsa i had a flickering squares in some parts of screen, in F1 2018 i had the same issue as in AC but after some time game is crashing once just with error "D3D Device was removed" once crashing computer. I tried reinstalling GPU drivers (with DDU in safe mode) and clearing inside of the computer with compressed air but it didn't help. GPU was bought more than 2 years ago and i had no trouble with it until now, card wasn't overclocked and used to mine.