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    ryzen 2600 right overclock setting


      I want to overclock my Ryzen 2600 to at least 4.0Ghz.

      But the thing is, i don't know if that's safe to do, as my knowlegde on about it is limited?

      What i do know is not to go overboard and what for the heat.


      So i wanted to ask you all, who might have more experience in the matter.

      How high can i overclock with just the stock cooler (i heard its pretty decent).


      Some info you might need:

      - Asus Prime B350-Plus

      - Radeon RX 580

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          discordstar, please see here.  Please DL, install, run Ryzen Master and post a screenshot.  It will give you the correct temperature to compare to the maximum.  Specifications:


          Enjoy, John.


          EDIT: I replied 24 hours ago but because I included a link to an external website it was reviewed by a moderator which delays the actual posting for minutes to hours and in this case days.  Sorry, I try to avoid links for that purpose.  Please use ONLY Ryzen Master to measure temperatures.

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              why only use it to check the temp?

              currently i have around 3.7 - 3.8Ghz.


              i tried out gamer mode, but then reset back.

              i'm not sure, but i remember it being under 3.4Ghz but its stays between 3.4-3.9.

              is this normal? i'm still new to the world of pc. what is the standard Ghz speed in this case?

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              How high you can go on the stock cooler is dependent on the ambient temperature, airflow, and voltage you have to use. As long as you don't exceed 85*C for an extended period of time (Tmax is 95*C but you don't want to run around it too close for too long), and don't use voltage too high (I wouldn't exceed 1.4v) then you can't do any damage.