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AMD graphics drivers noobie questions?

Question asked by delfin64 on Aug 25, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 27, 2018 by Hardwood

Hi everyone. I just switched to RX570 4GB(Sapphire Nitro+) and got some questions about drivers versions. In Radeon settings software all recommended drivers end with "1", but i noticed that there are releases with other numbers on AMD website. Can someone explain to what last digit in driver release mean for example 18.5.1 vs 18.5.2 etc. On AMD site with every driver release states what fixes and bugs are known, but i cant see any information about package being beta or normal drivers. I also noticed that some drivers wont recognise my card properly and instead RX570 its recognised as 580 and with some specific drivers releases using in game Adrenalin overlay(one that shows GPU usage, power consumption, fps etc.) ram of my GPU usage shows around 6-7GB as card got actually 8GB instead 4GB stated in software. Silly questions but im really lost and confused now.