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No post After Changing And Applying The Factory settings in Ryzen Master

Question asked by ryzenuserandowner on Aug 24, 2018

i used to get bsod after few hours of playing gta v on my new rig:


8 GB 2666 DDR4 RAM Stick OC to 3200

RYZEN 3 2200G With Vega iGPU under use

so i said maybe it was my RAM OC to i accessed my BIOS OC Settings And set it back to 2667 but it didnt work

Then I restarted the pc and accessed The Ryzen Master Settings app and reset my profile settings of my iGPU to 1100Mhz and then it asked me to Apply and Restart, only for me to know that it was my last time i saw my monitor receiving Output,

I tried the following:

Saw no signal on my keyboard on and after reboot, and that the power buttons became useless and unusable

Check the EZ DEBUG LED on my MOBO  and saw that when i reboot the Desktop, I flashes through DRAM CPU and then Stays for seconds on VGA and then goes to Boot and stays there.

Reset the CMOS by shorting two pins and removing the Clock Battery, and after Reboot, Saw that the keyboard and the Power Buttons are back to be on, and the EZ DEBUG LED cycles through all the lights for few seconds each and then turns off, indicating no problems with any of the related things, so i thought i was making progress,

But now, I'm Hopeless and gonna return the pc to its manufacturers asking for help and reexplaining what i said, hoping to not have to switch components or buy new ones, because i really worked hard to get the enough cash for this pc and i cant do that again.



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