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Why I am not able to install AMD Face login in my laptop with AMD A8 6410 APU?

Question asked by kaushakya on Aug 25, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 27, 2018 by black_zion

I have an AMD A8 6410 APU on my Lenovo G50-45 laptop. I am trying to install AMD Face login but its compatibility checker "amdcompatibilitychecker.exe" is showing "We are unable to find a driver for your system. No supported AMD hardware was detected. See the attached screenshot.

AMD Face Login.jpg

My OS is Windows 10. Although, I know this feature is for windows 8 only and for specific models of processors. But, I can see my processor in the supported processors' list here:


I want to know the resolution of this issue. Also, as a side note, face unlock feature is a futuristic feature that every OEMs should provide. But, in contrast, AMD stopped this feature after windows 8. Why?