Ryzen 2700x build problems

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Hi everyone,

I've built a system based on Ryzen2700x about 2-2.5 months ago, specs are below:

Ryzen 2700x running at stock speed (no overclock)

Cooler: Phanteks TC14PE

Asus Prime x470 PRO, bios up to date

32 gb Corsair Vengeance DDR4 3000 MHz C15 XMP 2.0

Evga GTX1080 SC

Samsung EVO 970

Seasonic Prime Platinum 750W

and a couple of hard drives (5400 and 7200 rpm)

Windows 10 Pro 64 bit


The case is big, has good cooling, CPU never overheats (temps are usually below 65C under heavy load and around 25-28 at idle)

I use this computer for graphics creation, never do any gaming on it. It runs well and it has plenty of speed when rendering.


It's randomly freezing in Windows, sometimes with extremely basic/simple things like browsing web pages and the only way to bring it back is a forced reset... and it also randomly restarts, with no obvious warning, sometimes right after starting it up in the morning... (checking event viewer in Windows just comes up with a System has rebooted without properly shutting down first and that unfortunately doesn't tell me much )

I like the machine and I want to keep using it - I have ditched Intel after a lot of years and hoped AMD would be a good choice - and on paper, it still is, cheaper and quite powerful. But the above issues, and the fact that there were more errors/restarts in the last 2-3 months than in 5 years of having the previous Intel machine is making me quite worried. I haven't, fortunately, had these things causing me to lose work, funny enough the system appears to be very stable when I do graphics work that's quite intensive, but then fails on small things like browsing a web page or even doing nothing (will freeze after being idle for a while...)

I thought I'd post the issue here as chances are I'll get more feedback/advice and a lot quicker than contacting AMD directly (sorry to say this, but it's been very slow when I used it last and it has not helped me at all)


Cheers for your time and any advice that you might have - sincerely appreciated!

All best,



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