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hd8970m have a serious problem when install the latest driver

Question asked by chunseciyuan on Aug 24, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 28, 2019 by tarsusendri

My computer is a dell alienware 18 with dual hd8970m, dell never update graphic driver since 2015,so I download the latest driver(18.8.1) from amd,but when I install it the screen turn to black(the back light are still on and other functions seems work normally except display,I can still switch the caps lock and num lock, if I press the power button computer will go to hibernation) and never recover to normal(I wait it long enough,10 hours maybe more).  I shut it down,and reboot,after the alienware logo screen went to black display nothing on it, that means driver are not installed properly.  I reinstall Windows and try it aging and the same problem happened aging. I found another one are facing the exactly same problem,find him on Alienware 18 M290x Driver issue :: Hardware and Operating Systems  He find the latest driver which can installed successfully is 18.3.3(actually it`s 18.3.4,I tried,and it works fine,but newer driver are not tested. ) It seems the problem is caused by the different between 18.3.4 and 18.5.1(18.5.1 is the oldest driver which can`t install successfully I found.)

operating system:Windows 10 1803  17134.112

cpu:i7 4710mq

graphic cards:dual R9 M290X

graphic driver version:Adrenalin Edition 18.5.1 and 18.8.1(both failed to install)


Wishes amd notice this problem and fix it.

I`m a chinese and my english is pretty bad,so it maybe hard to understand what I`m saying,sorry about that.