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R9 270x OC PowerColor Black Screen after i Install drivers

Question asked by papajohn on Aug 23, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2019 by sardus

Hello, soo recently i got myself a new GPU R9 270x OC PowerColor. I know its pretty old but it somewhat works.

When i got my GPU i wanted to format everything so i installed a new Windows 7 64 bit System, before installing the latest drivers everything works fine but after installing and the PC restart, it starts fine until it shloud load up the screen, The screen goes black. Weirdly my mouse and keyboard go off aswell and i cant do anything expect restart. Sometimes when i restart it, it acctualy does a Blue screen sometimes. I didnt know what to do so i looked up on the internet too see if im the only one having this problem, and i saw that im not the only one, some of them said that there is nothing to do and its all up to AMD to fix and some of them suggested to download earlier version of the drivers i tried that, but well it didnt do anything diffrent. And then i lost all hope and my friend suggested to install Driver Magician and install all the drivers it suggest. It kind off worked, It didnt do a black screen I was soo happy and tired aswell, soo i didnt bother turning the PC off and well i woke up tommorow too a black screen . But i noticed that sometimes it said: "Display drivers stopped responding but have successfully recoverd" and the screen wloud go black for a second. Soo right now im really confused, it really bothers me that i cant figure out am i even able to fix this or is it just gonna stay like this... Any suggestions wloud be awesome. Thanks!