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Trim video seeking

Question asked by kruddykamikaze on Aug 22, 2018

Within the Connect tab in the Radeon Software app, you can view videos and even trim them. However when you want to trim particularly long videos or make multiple trimmings of one segment it becomes difficult becuase there is no seeking feature to seek through the video, and i would have to constantly replay the video from the start. The endpoint of a trim is hard to judge becuase of this. Can someone guide me to the right area to send this as a feature request?


I'm new to these forums too, but not new to Radeon. Interestingly enough.


What about basic editing in Radeon Software? Such as trimming, and putting together clips and such to create a video that we can upload to our video broadcasting service of choice? This would be cool for those who are too lazy to buy all out editing software for only basic editing of clips.


Let me know.