Discussion created by truth on Aug 22, 2018

1. Come out with good gaming cards , but great mining, so you can help funding your operation!!

2. If you look close at the demos the other company put out there not real timing the whole car only the window , and some of the body, not even the wheels where render, if your going to come out with something like this, then make sure you render everything and point it out how much better it looks,, that stuff did not look that real some of it cool and like the light did not even go through the window to the seats, half rending, fooling people into buying something, PERFECT IT AMD and show them some real good looking stuff, also the green dog demo the light did not reflex back onto the walls like it should in real life..

3. You should bring back and FX style CPU, that can over clock like a monster, maybe all the main cores are connected directly to ram, and you use CCX just for multi tasking, so the single core has better response time with memory(gaming) and the multi tasking has a lower response time but still has good performance.

4. 4k 120-144 fps or don't make a big deal about your next cards it kills the look of AMD, also it would have been better to push out the vega cards undervolted and brag about how low the watts are. and let the people over clock, PS I have all AMD gear no hater here just trying to get the wheel turning in your brain housing groups, I also have stock in AMD so you better listen got to put some goof ball stuff in my list, ha.

5. Could getting away from square dies help if moving to circle dies save more room on to wafer ?, also spread your cores out on die so heat is not concentrated, look into harmonic core to core processing ,, don't have cores process all the same direction, you may get better clock rates, like a highway one processes up, one down , this should also help with HEAT balance!!

6. Silicon sucks at heat transfer , try looking into different materially for CPU/GPU that can transfer the heat better, I know that's how there made but there has to be some other type of material that can do a better job.

7. I will have a picture attach of the design I was talking about in 5 no one said I am and expert windows painter but you will get the idea

8. if you find my ideas helpful feel free to shot me more stocks , also great job 20$ a share now GOOD JOB!


GO AMD , keep the classy look, the truth telling , and get more of your GPUS out to those miners, so that ebay is filled with AMD gpus, that will also help your products get out, now is a great time, to shine.

If I have spelling errors over look spelling is not my strong suit, idea , inventions are strong with this one , the force is strong