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Ram D.O.C.P. question.

Question asked by discordstar on Aug 22, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 28, 2019 by tonemane

My Asus Prime B350-Plus runs my ram at 2133mhz which is the standard.

to get the speed that the QVL mentioned about my ram, i used the D.O.C.P option in my bios. which is technically overclocking.


my question is, even though the D.O.C.P. sets the ram at the right setting (right latency, (almost) right speed and 1.35v.

is it still dangerous for the mobo? i'm not using crazy setting or anything?


my pc:

Asus Prime B350-Plus (latest bios)

Ryzen 2600

Radeon RX580 - 8GB

16GB corsair (3000mhz max)