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Vega 56 to Shimian Monitor Driver issue

Question asked by shoenberg3 on Aug 22, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 25, 2018 by shoenberg3

Since my monitor (Shimian 27" inch IPS monitor) does not have a DP port, I had to purchase a rather expensive adapter to connect it with the Vega 56.


It actually works okay when I don't have any Radoen drivers installed. However, when I install latest Radeon drivers (also tried blockchain drivers), static artifact takes over the entire screen (I can still somewhat see the what's underneath). Like this:

Only resolution is to uninstall the drivers, but then I can't play any games and have also stability issues.

I tried to setting the refresh rate on Radeon settings, with no avail. My guess is that the adapter isn't able to "handle" the latest features on Radeon drivers?

Help please.