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which chipset? AMD or ASUS?

Question asked by discordstar on Aug 21, 2018

so i noticed there are 2 different chipset provided by 2 different companies.



the only difference i see between the 2 is that "Asus driver" is larger in size, BUT doesn't have the "Ryzen Balance Power Plan" that i want. Other than that, don't know any other differences.

which one do i pick? i'm pretty sure i can't pick both or can i?


And there's another question. My GPU is the Radeon RX580.

instead of using auto-detect to install the driver, i used the actual driver for this specific GPU.

The latest version is 18.8.1. when i wanted to install the chipset from AMD i got 2 options.


- 18.8.1 partially installed

- 18.10 local drive


what do these 2 option mean? and if i choose 18.10 driver does that mean the GPU driver will become version 18.10?

won't this cause issues because its not the specified for my gpu driver?



Info about my pc:


Ryzen 2600

Asus Prime B350-Plus

Radeon RX580 8G