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Which driver I should download for A10-5757M APU with HD 8750M ? (Acer V5-552G)

Question asked by jedsun on Aug 21, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 21, 2018 by kingfish

CHN:我拥有一台宏碁Acer V5-552G笔记本,Win10 64位版本。 用的是A10-5757M APU和Radeon HD 8750M独显,请问安装何种显示驱动程序?我找了几个都不匹配。

ENG:I have an Acer V5-552G laptop,with Win10 64bit.This compoter have A10-5757M APU with Radeon HD 8750M DGraphics.Which driver I should choose?There used to an option,but it doen't there any more.