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wx9100 and wx8200 are close to equal.Amd,will you fix it?

Question asked by o_and_n on Aug 22, 2018
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I was planning to purchase a wx9100 gpu and lucky for me,a coworker told me he had one. Went to his place after work to test it.Ive found that in raw gpu power(game testing and other intensive tasks) the wx9100 is equal to a vega 56.Was not happy with this find and is most probably do to the 230w max bios power plan on the gpu.(a full vega 64 uses 295w).The problem here is that the wx9100 is a vega 64 gpu that is limited by a power plan.This can be fixed by a driver update that unlocks the full power of the gpu.


Amd,please unleash the full power of the gpu, because the new wx8200 is a vega 56 at raw power.What we have right now is this.


wx9100=1900€ which is equal in performance to the wx8200=999€

Apart from the 8 more gb and the ecc on the wx9100,there is nothing worth it over the new wx8200.As a customer, as a developer I take this as a insult to say the least.(without wanting to sound bad,but is what it is).


Someone may say,than take a frontier edition.Well they still have the overheating problem and fan control issue,and are now discontinued.


A driver update can unlock the full raw potential of the wx9100.The gpu already has one 8pin and one 6 pin so its enough.


After some digging,i found a thread here that stated the same compare I'm observing now.


Thread can be closed.


I'm sure that new workstation gpus wont be made by amd in the next 2-3 years,so why not fix this now and and make it a interesting product?


A compubench between the two gpus

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