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AMD Chipset Drivers Gigabyte MOBO

Question asked by allyn_cj on Aug 20, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 21, 2018 by elstaci

Should i update my chip-set drivers? I checked gigabytes website and it has one from like 2 months ago or should i go to the AMD website and do that or are they separate and i should do both?


PC runs fine but gets pretty warm sometimes when high end gaming.


The reason for the question

So I have a strange problem. I have a GA-AB350 Gaming i recently did a restore on my pc and i had gigabyte app-center on it with an app called System Information Viewer (SIV) which had smart-fan 5 on it. I reinstalled it all and it bricks my PC no joke crashes the whole thing when i open SIV. So the only thing i can think of that would do it is bad chip-set drivers.


and on ryzens website its just got the ryzen master which is for overclocking. Which im not going to do till i get SIV and smartfan5 again because the stupid intake and exaust fans wont go above 500 rpm and my AIO pump only comes on when it needs to.


Thats my info from ryzen master.


So. Should i install the chipset drivers from the gigabyte drivers page for my motherboard?



Ryzen 1700


GA-AB350 Gaming

16GB Corsair 3000mhz ddr4

Corsair 750 PSU

Captain 280 AIO CPU Cooler


2/2 Intake/Exauhst and 2 on the rad intake.