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FX9590 Thermal issue and spikes

Question asked by mentos on Aug 21, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 24, 2018 by mentos

Hi there. My configuration:

ASUS Crosshair V Formula Z

G-Skill Trident Z 32GB DDR3 2400MHz at 1866MHz

AMD FX9590 4.5GHz 1.4018V (never OC) with H115i Extreme Performance

Samsung 850 EVO 500GB with Microsoft Windows 7-64bit Professional

ASUS GeForce 980Ti Strix OC

Antec Platinum 1000W

Corsair Vengence C70 with Noctua NF14 3000 PWM bottom inlet, 2xCorsair SP120 front inlet, 2xNoctua NF14 2000PWM side outlet, Enermax DF Storm back outlet, H115i radiator with Noctua NF14 3000PWM top outlet set always to max.


Last year I bought AMD FX9590 for upgrade AMD FX8150. Since new upgrade on winter 2017 everything was just fine but one thing was anoying me. High temperature spikes (128C - 217C) on CPU Cores, not corresponding with CPU Load and only present in Corsair Link software. AMD Over Drive and Core Temp never recorded such thermal spikes! I reaplyed thermal paste (Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut - thin layer) under Corsair H115i CPU block, to be sure that it is not mounting problem. Thermal spikes still were from time to time, but then after hot summer the CPU started to hiting thermal margin. For safety resons I manage to change some BIOS settings - downclock, undervolting and messing around with Load Line Calibration, Current on Load ect. Finaly it stays at 4.4GHz 1.4018V and it's fully stable and cold enough - ambient 35C, gaming 3 hours then testing with AMD Over Drive Stability Test for 1 hour, MAX Core temp 63C, behind CPU/backplate 39C, H115i water temp 49C. That was the hotest day in my country. And what?! No temperature spikes!! No problems!! But 4.4GHz...It should be 4.7GHz...

Today I made a little step forward and hit some juice to CPU. Started at 4.5GHz 1.4018V, motherboard DIGI+ functions set to medium. I have started test in AMD Over Drive and no problems with stability. Core temperature below 53C, ambient 28C. After 15 min of testing at idle when PC was doing nothing for 2 minutes, I saw on Corsair Link temperature spike again!! What the hell?! Anybody knows something about this? Do I really need to worry about those spikes?


AMD Over Drive Log from short 15 minute test and 4 minute after at idle:


Start time:    2018_08_21 21:43:11

End time:    2018_08_21 22:02:54

Sample time interval (second):1


                 Min     Max      Average

Core0    40.75    54.00    48.71   

Core1    40.75    54.00    48.70   

Core2    40.75    54.00    48.70   

Core3    40.75    54.00    48.70   

Core4    40.75    54.00    48.70   

Core5    40.75    54.00    48.70   

Core6    40.75    54.00    48.70   

Core7    40.75    54.00    48.70   

TMPIN0    56.82    58.12    57.61   

TMPIN1    -266.35    -265.65    -266.00   

TMPIN2    -266.73    -265.83    -266.36   

TMPIN3    -270.98    -269.58    -270.06   


Please help me with this