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Feature Request - RPRv1.7 - Unable to use an Image Sequence as an Image Node input - Wet Map or Lip Sync

Question asked by gelert on Aug 20, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2018 by gelert

RPR Material Nodes lack the option to use Image Sequences as a changing mask over time.


e.g. If you use Blenders Dynamic Paint feature to export a black and white Wet Map for an animation this can usually be used to mask the area that will become the wet part of the material. (see this YouTube for a full example Creating Realistic Wetmaps in Blender CGC Weekly #20 - YouTube )


Similarly if using the excellent Adobe Character app to generate a transparent PNG sequence of a lip sync you cannot render the "Image Sequence" over a material applied to an animated character face when using RPR in Blender.


Feature request: Image Sequence input node for materials.