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    Where to buy these AWESOME Ruby demo's?


      Hey all,




      Where can we buy these awesome Ruby demo's?


      From 2013, FIVE years ago!


      Ruby-Techdemo on Radeon R9 290X: Cryengine 3 maxed out - YouTube


      New CryEngine Tech Demo From AMD Shows Stunning Visuals And Lighting Effects

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          It would be good to be able to download them.

          Also a Blender model of Ruby could come in handy.

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              Maybe but to be honest with you, it is a good joke at the moment. ^^

              If i check how the the joke stock is performing at moment, for sure i get a nice laugh seeing it is at it's maximum high ever!

              Dunno if this trend will last and don't i care about, but if it continue to scale like this i will laugh with you about that joke.
              But i suppose for different reasons.

              Edit: Impressed!


              Nevertheless it had to be said i liked much more these ruby demo than what it is rendered now in the videos.
              At least there was a company identity that vanished today, imo.

              So thanks you for posting this old stuff, a lot of memories.

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                  Why then loose some time to even write these sentences, not i care to get an answer to be honest. ^^

                  But i want to thanks you for giving your feedback and warning us about, whatever it is.


                  Tho if i want to be honest with you speaking with moral sense, the real shame as consumer is to even support companies!
                  So if one need to be really precise, we are all shameful in a way or the other, you comprised!
                  That's why these kind of post, threads are not really being useful for the gaming community!

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                      I sincerely do not understand why you felt the need to push your reasoning until there?
                      I mean clearly you pack some knowledge in the tech field, nobody would have a list of gpu's demo's or even use this kind of tech language without a reason!
                      So it mean you already know the answer, you grasped my previous post and you know exactly what you are speaking about.


                      As i said this kind of thread is not really useful, at the end of the day, for the gaming community, because it provide no real help or knowledge.

                      Because i can resume the whole thread in: "I do not like AMD i stopped buying it's gpu's, so do the same!"
                      Hence it's more or less what a common user would have posted or have done, making me believe that helping or warning other users, is definitively not your priority here at the end of the day.

                      To conclude, one cannot constantly provide, "no competition" as only excuse of the manufacturers behaviour!
                      Because in 1st place, it is wrote nowhere that a manufacturers must have "competition" to provide good products!!!!!!!!!
                      If a consumer have an issue with a product, it need to address the complain to the manufacturer in 1st place, instead looking excuse elsewhere!
                      It's because of our trading model that "competition" is welcomed, but our trading model is NOT what can be defined as "perfect model!"
                      Hence pointing about lack of real "competition" is misleading for the consumer being disrupted from the reality: the bad product!

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                        2tflops all 2 years is ok


                        but we need to wait for AMDs counter to raytracing

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                            One can't make a counter of a tool used to draw things, it's a basic tool, a way to compute, a feature already used by creators in the last decade.
                            That's why i said this thread is not useful for the gaming community and here you are the clear example.

                            One do not need to counter anything here, one just need to provide developers an even easier and affordable way to use the same feature.
                            Or even better a new tool that provide the same results, but being easier to implement than what was before.
                            Simply because this stuff isn't brand new as it seems and there are very good reasons about why nobody in the graphic field, brought this feature on a mainstream platform until now.

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                                Remember that you are on a manufacturer main forum, in the RedTeam section.
                                So it is perfectly normal that the forum is being moderated, especially for posting a reply with a link included into.
                                To be fair it's not a thing i enjoy, because it delay your answer into the thread, since a mod need to check the post.
                                But aside that, still none of my post was took down for the content, it never happened until now.
                                That said my post are usually meant to really bring help to users, so again i never had issue with the moderation here.


                                I mean you are not first user doing it's show here, i get somehow the habit now, still all these post passed through the forum.
                                So i can't really say that AMD is censoring anyone here, if you are able to add a reply without going against the rules of the forum.
                                So yeah, as hard you could find it i would not call on AMD for censoring anyone so lightly, before you state such thing be sure you know what you are speaking about.

                                Not saying it never happened or will never happen, but this never happened to me in the 8 month of presence here.

                                Also dunno what i should admit?
                                Tho if i have to admit something, i admit having fun with this discussion.
                                Not sure why and what i should admit else, you told me??!

                                So you are a business man rather than a technical guy, interesting vison on how AMD should in few words kill the RTG and distribute it's IP along main consultant actors firms.