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USB and USB Driver troubles

Question asked by sauron on Aug 20, 2018
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Here are my troubles - 200 pcs computers with AMD
HP with AMD.jpg

I'm speaking about HP EliteDesk 705 G4 with latest bios and most recent drivers, everything's up to date (bios, chipset driver, vga driver, all drivers from HP).


This is the out of the box configuration from HP:

100% perfect, no troubles!

Everything is correct, USB ports are working properly, but system contains unapproved-ware so it is required to Reimage all the stations with our image.


This is what I get after Reimage (fresh W10 1803 with no addons, image directly from MS), during the installation AMD chipset driver and VGA driver installation is applied.

Device PCI\VEN_1022 DEV_43BB have another driver and the second device is not recognized.


It is possible to fix this problem MANUALY with the file: amdhub31.inf for W7
This file is inside: amd-chipset-drivers_18.10_0813\Packages\Drivers\SBDrv\USB31_PT\amdhub\W764A


It is required to do a manual installation (on 200 computers? LOL?). Never mind - because this fix is not working well.


This is the state after manual assign:




Result after FIX:
The system behaviour with this other driver is strange, some devices are turning off for no reason, its behaviour is a bit strange.

I wish to have same state as HP, their solution looks most clean - from point of view of long time period.


I had a discussion with HP and from their point of view its problem of AMD, we have to use their image.
But we don't want to use their image!


  • I was NOT able to achieve the same state as is on the HP image.
  • I don't know what it will do when a new Windows 10 version will be out, you know, during the automatic reinstallation(upgrade) Win 1803 to 1810(?).
  • I didn't find an automatic way to fix this issue, manual fix is not acceptable on 200 computers.
  • I will try to solve this also with HP, but they allready told me their opinion (use their image).
  • This is not a new problem, problems with USB on AMD are here a long time, but I was able to handle it somehow.
  • It is quite urgent, because  this is not childplay anyomere, I'm not deploying computers for playing a Call of Duty, We have here 200 computers and more may come.
  • It is a shame that this issue is here so long and was not solved, I met this problem last year on 2 systems.


Please, if you can, fix your device drivers, I expect fully working system after installation of chipset driver.

I have here 200 computers, so if you have some fix, I can test it on 200 same computers ;-)


Good Luck, Petr