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FPS drops AMD Radeon rx 580

Question asked by amddoesntlikefortnite on Aug 19, 2018

My brother has had so much issues with amd’s Products. At one point his games we crashing because of a driver issue for a month. Now the problem is his fps . It is constantly dropping in fortnite to around 30 from 60 and it usually stays there until you restart the game. But of course it drops again right when you start playing. I have tweaked with so many settings spent so much time trying to fix it for him. And I can honestly say I don’t know what to do. The game plays like rubbish. And it’s not his system. His system can handle more than fine. For god sakes , his cpu is only using 15% on task view and same with the gpu only 22 %. Amd’s Products /drivers or whatever are absolutely garbage . It’s like every update theres a new problem . Thanks anyway any help is appreciated.