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Installation problem with 1.7 version

Question asked by trincia on Aug 19, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 4, 2018 by mhmdnopy

Hi guys, i have a problem, after long time i dicided to change the first version with the most recent 1.7 version (10 august), but during the installation, when i put the activation key and click next, the installer start a sort of infinite loading, in this limbo all is interactive (i can click everywhere, i can rewrite the activation key to, i can click on cancel or close the window) but for some reason any interaction didn't give back some effect.

I did try to re-download the installer but problem still there, have you some similar experience or maybe know the due of that?


ps windows is up to date, the gpu driver are the latest one (18.8.1), i don't know, maybe the GDPR had blocked some account authorization or the activation key is changend and i don't recive any notification about that, please help me