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Swap out DVD/CD rom with USB

Question asked by transgender on Aug 19, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 20, 2018 by ray_m

Hey guys why you still use DVD/CD rom in 2018? Most new computer cabinets do not support DVD/CD rom anymore. Is it not time to update yourself and use a portable USB stick instead? I mean even Windows 10 uses USB stick for install. So whats preventing AMD from doing the same? I just bought a new RX580 and guess what. It has cd with driver on it. And guess what. My computer do not have CD/DVD rom cause cabinet do not support CD/DVD rom. I noticed that all new stationary computers does not have CD/DVD rom. Only laptops have CD/DVD Rom.


I had to download driver from the old computer. Put it into a USB stick myself and install the driver on new computer. Time to update yourself people.
All new computers has USB ports. But not all new computers support CD/DVD rom anymore. CD/DVD is ancient past and most new cabinets. 99% of them do not support CD/DVD rom anymore. So why do AMD insist to include a CD disc instead of a USB. Its 2018 people and times changes. Get updated please. The customers spends a lot of money on expensive graphic cards and you are not even able to give them the driver on a simple USB stick. I mean come on. Get real.