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    EDC at 100%


      I just built this system finally got to the point where the system isn't randomly freezing. Having issue where the edc is at 97-100% and sometimes throttles to about 2.1 ghz. temps range from 40c-120c depending on the program used to check temp.


      cpu: 2700x

      motherboard: asrock x470 taichi

      power suply: evga gq 750 watt

      gpu: evga gtx 1070 TI

      ssd: samsung 850 pro


      ram: 32GB g.skill ripjaws v 3200

      cooler: corsair h100i pro rgb

      bios: p1.52 (the beta one that was just released)

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          I strongly recommend you change your UserID from your e-mail address.  Hackers delight!

          The only temperature reporting SW to depend on is Ryzen Master.  All others should be considered suspect!  I know that EDC will restrict the Precision Boost, but quickly admit I do not know what to do about it.  Here is an article about EDC.  BTW, you can use the 'Insert image' to post images.  Enjoy, John.


          EDIT: Another articleWild guess: the VRM on your MB does not have sufficient current capacity.