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Radeon drivers don't want to install on Windows Server

Question asked by set on Aug 18, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 24, 2018 by jesse_amd

Again, AMD graphics drivers specially exclude Server variants of Windows. Installer says "Error 182 – AMD Installer Cannot Properly Identify the AMD Graphics Hardware", direct installation from .inf doesn't work (.inf files are written as "NTamd64.6.1.1" instead of generic "NTamd64.6.1").

This appeared first with first Crimson drivers, then disappeared, then appeared again near half a year back.


Why do you specially exclude Servers? It's not like you provide separate drivers for servers or they require any extra support (editing the .inf files and manual installation does the trick).


Is this intentional or oversight?



PS: Hardware Radeon R9 390, OS Windows Server 2008R2.

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