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    How to build machine for gaming in a virtual machine (Linux host)?


      Hi althogether,


      my current 10 years old gaming machine is dying and needs to be replaced. Since I'm trying to get rid of Windows and gaming under Linux is still work in progress, I'd like to build a machine running Linux (Mint, Ubuntu or Fedora would be fine) and move the gaming into virtual machines (Windows, Linux, SteamOS, whatever).


      The basic idea is to have some integrated graphics for the host and one or two dedicated graphics card for the gaming VM via PCIe-passthrough. I have one nVidia card laying around, but wouldn't mind to buy a current AMD card if this was easier. I prefer compatibility over performance.


      I know this is basically possible but highly depends on the chipset, BIOS, CPU, GPU, drivers, operating system the moon and zodiac. Most people achieve this by using hardware from Intel and nVidia, but I'd like to honor AMDs efforts to move the driver development towards open source and their awesome Ryzen-architecture.


      Some similar projects:

      Create a gaming virtual machine using VFIO PCI passthrough for KVM | Fedora 20 | How-to guide | stewart a.



      Are there any experiences or guides around? If I get this up and running I'll try to do a nice write-up for others.


      Thanks for contributing!