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    2700x bugged and AMD keeps ignoring the problem


      the main page is filled with 2700x freeze reports, and AMD keeps ignoring the issue.
      This problem has been reported since the CPU got out, and not a single address from AMD.



      I have been a fanboy for ages, but this is excruciating.

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          lilith5th, I do not work for AMD as most who help here.  What you have said is not useful.  Please post your specific error(s) and your complete system specifications, including power supply, OS and UEFI version.  I would suggest you have at least a 750 Watt supply.  You must have a fresh installation of W10 not a cloned or copied boot disk.  These types of problems I have addressed here are unique problems, not some common AMD processor problem.  I recommend you open an AMD Online Support Ticket to yell at AMD!  Enjoy, John.