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Why does AMD constantly seem make it difficult to find older GPU Drivers?

Question asked by colesdav on Aug 18, 2018
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I constantly find it difficult to find old AMD Drivers for the AMD GPU's I work on.
Is there some reason that AMD is deliberately trying to make life difficult for people who need older AMD Drivers?


I understand that AMD will likely want to point people to the very latest available Adrenalin 18.8.1 drivers, as there may be some new fixes or new features that work.

It is also probably useful to push people to newest drivers so more "testing in the field" is done.


However there are cases where people will need a specific AMD Driver, for older hardware or testing reasons, or because the latest drivers crash or have a problem.


I constantly seem to have to go on an internet  hunt to find old AMD drivers.


The following links used to work for me:






Using the above links I used to be able to get older Adrenalin, Crimson ReLive, Crimson, and Catalyst Drivers for R9 FuryX and Nano cards and below.


The new link for R9 Fury Series Windows 10 64 bit is now found here:…

Now I can only go back to the last Crimson ReLive Driver for Windows 10 64bit for example.


Is it possible that this could be fixed and you could populate the list with all of the old drivers including Catalyst Drivers please?